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Why you should use Smart shopping on Amazon!

One product - several prices

Amazon offers its products on five different European Marketplaces. One specific product is often sold for a different price in the various Amazon stores.

On, you will find the cheapest Amazon price in no time, including shipping costs.

Search Amazon Europe

Those who enjoy shopping on Amazon will be able to profit from a uniform service in Europe. Each country's Amazon store has the same structure, so ordering from a store abroad is no problem - even if you don't speak the language.

There are no customs duties within the EU. Low shipping costs apply to orders from abroad. Cancellation and return policies are identical in all Amazon stores.

Every day you can observe price fluctuations for millions of products on all European Amazon stores, thus allowing for a product to be cheaper in a foreign Amazon store than in the one in your country. Often times, it is still cheaper even when adding the increased shipping costs. Our users find hefty discounts in other European countries every day. In the Amadeal Stories you can read all about it!

Ordering abroad - it's that easy

If you are used to ordering on your country's Amazon page, you won't have any trouble ordering from a foreign Amazon store. All European stores are set up identically, from the product search to the ordering process.

Your usual login details as well as your address and credit card information work for all Amazon stores.

You must check who the seller is! Only if Amazon is the seller will you profit from uniform terms of purchase, terms of delivery and return policies. shows who the seller is.

Ships from Amazon or Marketplace seller

For Marketplace sellers you should look at the seller's profile before placing an order. Terms of delivery and return policies can vary from seller to seller.

Delivery - Shipping costs

Most products can be shipped from abroad to you within one week (standard shipping).

For orders from abroad there are additional shipping charges, which are usually made up of a flat fee and an amount per kilo (pro rata). will calculate the shipping costs for every product.

Shipping cost calculation for all of Europe.

If a product is shipped from Amazon (Fulfilled by Amazon), will calculate the shipping costs including all taxes for your home country. You will see right away which Amazon store is the cheapest for you.

Caution: Shipping costs from Amazon Marketplace sellers can vary. Therefore, does not calculate shipping costs for products sold by Marketplace sellers.

Price Comparison

5 Amazon stores in Europe

Detect and profit from price differences. Quick price comparison for your desired product. Order abroad and have your product shipped directly to you.

Shipping cost calculation

Amadeal calculates the shipping costs for your country of residence. You can see right away which Amazon store offers the best price - without any hidden costs.

Find sales & bargains

The Amazon Discount Finder by Amadeal allows you to specifically look for discounted products. Only Amadeal can look for discounts in all European countries.

Amazon Discount Finder - Find hidden deals

You can find millions of discounted products in all Amazon stores every day. You can recognize them by the crossed out suggested retail price. Unfortunately, Amazon does not let you search for discounted products, however, this is possible with!

Specifically search for 'Lightning Deals, Today's Deals, Bargains, Deals and Coupons'.

All European Amazon stores are supported

With the Amazon Discount Finder by Amadeal you can specifically look for discounted products either in your selected category or via a keyword search. You can select a filter for the desired discount percentage or select a price range or a filter for customer reviews.

Amadeal offers the Discount Finder for all European Amazon stores.

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