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A Quick Guide to International Shopping with Amazon EU Written by the creator of

Dec/17 10 Blog A Quick Guide to International Shopping with Amazon EU

Amazon is the biggest online reseller worldwide, not just in the US also in Europe Amazon is a huge player. There are five big Amazon Stores in Europe. Thanks to the EU there is no obstacle to buy items from a neighboring Amazon Shop - there are no taxes, just minor additional delivery costs have to be taken into consideration.

Why would I purchase from another country's Amazon site?

1) Thousands of items are considerably cheaper when buying them from a foreign Amazon Shop. Even after adding delivery costs, very often it's worth ordering a single product from abroad.

2) Your Amazon Account works on all Amazon Stores worldwide. Your addresses and credit-card information are available, too.

3) Some products I want might be out of stock with my own Amazon store. Chances are good that your desired item is available in another Amazon Store in Europe.

4) Most European Countries don't have a local Amazon Store. These Amazon Shoppers have to purchase from a foreign Amazon Shop anyway - so there is no reason not to compare prices in all European Amazon Stores.

International Shopping Benefits

  • Find Discounts Abroad
  • Much Bigger Selection
  • Use Your Amazon Account everywhere

Comparing prices and delivery costs on five different Amazon Shops is very time-consuming. Use to get best price on Amazon for your domicile.

Quickly find the Best Price

Just use to find the best price for an item. It's very simple and reliable. Just search for your items or copy the Amazon item URL to

A list with all international item prices are shown to you. Last but not least Amadeal is able to calculate delivery costs for all items right to your domicile. That's a unique feature, so Amadeal users can be sure to quickly find the Top Price for a given item.

Amazon or Marketplace Seller

Seller Check

Amazon or Marketplace Seller

Whenever possible - buy from Amazon! Total costs are shown at checkout.

There is one important thing you have to be careful about before you buy in a foreign Amazon Store. Always check who the seller is!

The seller is shown directly under the green notice of availability. Whenever possible make sure that your item is fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). FBA guarantees uniform rules about Deliver Costs, Guarantee Protection and Returns & Refunds.

If you buy from a marketplace seller take a look at the seller's profile to see what the conditions are before buying - especially the delivery costs abroad can be very high. If it is not clear, contact the Marketplace seller before purchasing.

By using you can immediately see who the seller is - Amadeal differentiates prices from Amazon and Marketplace sellers. This is another reason why you should use Amadeal.

I don't speak French

Although Amazon Shoppers realize, that they could get a better price in a foreign Amazon Store, they are still inhibited to buy there because they don't feel comfortable on a foreign Store. But these concerns are not justified.

All Amazon Stores are structured identically, so if you are used to one Store it's simple to buy items in another store.

Regarding the Stores languages: E.g. on you can change the language to English. If your preferred language is not supported, just use the built in Website Translation Feature of your Google Chrome Browser or download the 'Bing Bar' - that's a breeze.

Amadeal is a must for all Amazon customers in Europe. Best Amazon Price Checker and Discount Finder in Europe!

Check it out and stop wasting money - Amadeal is free to use - Give it a try!

Tax and Delivery Costs

Good news fist: Within the European Union there is no import tax to pay. Thanks to the EU Customs Union (EUCU), goods can be delivered duty-free from one country to another. Of course, everyone who purchases goods at a foreign Amazon store will automatically benefit from EUCU.

In all EU Amazon Stores, prices are always displayed including tax (usually 19-22% VAT). So what happens when a German resident orders an item from Italy ( As long as the item is fulfilled by Amazon, and not by a marketplace (3th party) seller, the customer does not have to worry about tax declaration in Germany - Amazon will handle all of it. First, Amazon will automatically deduct the 22% Italian VAT. Second Amazon adds the German VAT 19% to the item price. Finally Amazon adds the delivery costs to the price - that's it. So, this can lead to very funny price situations. E.g. for a German customer a high price item like 'samsung frame tv' is cheaper to buy in Italy than in Germany, although Amazon offers it for the exact same price in both Stores - Thank you VAT :)

When buying from a marketplace seller though, the customer can try to claim the tax from the seller, but there is no help from Amazon! The customer has to take care of it himself.

As a general rule: for items sold or dispatched by Amazon, Amazon handle all the customs formalities!

Electronic goods: Voltage and Plug Types

Different Plug Types in EU

Different Plug Types in EU

Sometimes there is a little obstacle when buying electronic items. Fortunately voltage does not vary within the EU (for most countries the mains supply is between 220 and 240 volts).

But electric plugs can vary from country to country. Types C and F are the most frequently used in Europe, but in some countries like England only type G is available. Usually this is not a big problem, plug adapters are cheap and can be bought on Amazon as well.

Here a short list of plug types and adapters for biggest countries in Europe:

Country Voltage (volts) Plug Type Adapter
Germany 230 V C / F Adapter
Great Britain 230 V G Adapter
France 230 V C / E Adapter
Italy 230 V C / F / L Adapter
Spain 230 V C / F Adapter
Here the worldwide list!


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