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Shopping Blog All you need to know about Amazon Cross Border Shopping in Europe

Sep/17 26

How to get Best Price on Amazon

There are three things you must know before you buy an item on Amazon. If you follow these instruction, you will always get the best price for your desired product.

There are many people buying stuff on Amazon, knowing that Amazon is super customer friendly and usually offers the lowest price compared to other online retailers in a region. But what most of the people don't know is that you can buy your item in a neighboring Amazon Shop - often for much better condition. Follow these 3 rules and you will always get best value for money - you will not regret it, I promise!

Sep/17 29

How to Find Huge Discounts on Amazon

There are thousands of Amazon items on sale, every day on all Amazon Stores in Europe. But there is no convenient way to search for them! And that's where the 'Amazon Discount Finder' of comes in - The easiest way to find all discounted items at Amazon!

Dec/17 10

A Quick Guide to International Shopping with Amazon EU

Your local Amazon Store is not always the cheapest. Use your Amazon Account to buy your item in another Amazon country in Europe. It is quite likely that you will save a lot of money. This guide shows you what have to be considered.

Oct/17 11

Schweizer kaufen bei Amazon – das müssen Sie wissen

Obwohl Amazon kein eigener Webshop in der Schweiz betreibt, kaufen viele Schweizer gerne bei Amazon ein – der gute Kundenservice sowie das riesige Produktsortiment und natürlich die tiefen Preise laden dazu ein. Oft sind sich Schweizer online Kunden gar nicht bewusst, welche Vorteile der internationale Online Handel für Sie hat, und kaufen immer beim gleichen Anbieter ein – vor allem bei Amazon ist das ein grosser Fehler!